What is a “Dose”?

What is a “Dose”?

HOMEOPATHIC natural medicine

Homeopathics have no smell nor taste to them. Are available in the form of: tiny poppy pills, granules, tablets or in clear liquid form (which will have alcohol added to it as a preservative) The most important thing to remeber is that it is not the amount of liquid or pills given each time but rather the repeat (frequency) a homeopathic remedy is given. Less time inbetween each dose will give a quick response in acute stress. How many pills or drops given each time is less important, however the frequency of repeat dosing. For example A dose of homeopathic (clear liquid) remedy could be from one to 100 pills or tablets or drops given is still considered one (1) dose. It is not the amount given at one time but the frequency of repeats is the important factor for faster response and relief.

DOSING using tiny PILLS (or tablets )
A dose: approx. 2 to 3 tiny pills ( or crush ) and put in gum or pouch of mouth for the saliva to absorb (no need to open pets mouth) If using homeopathic tissue salts large tablets always crush first. Alternatively, can stir a couple of pills or crush tablets into water bowl, trough or food. Usually the white pills or tablets are more suitable for the medium or larger animals as they have larger mouths, making it easier to administer orally.

DOSING using Homeopathic LIQUID.
A dose: approx. three to four drops. Put on top of head or back of shoulders on the body (wet area with drops and pat into fur), or add to meals, or put in animal’s water bowl or trough. Alternatively, give a short squirt orally (if free from alcohol) made up from one pill from your bottle and combined with filtered water. This is best for small animals, rather than using the pill directly. Usually this method is less stressful and easier for administering to cats and other small species, including wildlife. BIRDS AND FARM ANIMALS Put several drops or a few pills in water trough once a week. (Does not matter if other animals share water trough or bowl – only the ones that need it will benefit from it). If you received homeopathic PILLS, then you can make the pills into a LIQUID medication for easier dosing. Refer to: EXAMPLE DIAGRAM BELOW this text.

When do I need to do frequent Dosing for my pet?
ANY TIME if the animal is showing acute symptoms and /or stress. Give the selected remedy more frequently. “FREQUENT” Dosing will give fast relief eg a dose every 5 minutes, usuallly after the third repeat pet will be calm and relaxed.

How to make a homeopathic “liquid remedy” from a homeopathic pill.

1.  One dose – put 1 pill (or a pinch of granules) into an empty clean cup or small bottle. Add approx 10ml to of filtered water into the container (or you can use the oral syringe). or stir in a dose to approx. 1/4 cup to half a cup of filtered water and use 10cc/mls orally as one dose, repeating as often as needed to get results. Make up a new batch when run out.