Recommended Canine Diet

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How to obtain Optimum Health for Canines

40% Raw meat (slightly warm or cooked)
(eg organic roo, turkey meat or turkey mince, lamb mince, chicken pieces)
50% Cooked vegetables
(if using raw vegetables, they must be mulched to enable absorption)
10% Goats milk, meaty bones.
(i.e. raw lamb shanks without the knuckle, or for medium to small pets, raw chicken necks as a treat, chicken carcasses)

Sardines from a tin
Tins of human grade sardines in spring water. Which are great for hiding the taste of vitamins and herbal medicines. Alwayscrush vitamin tablets and open capsules and use powder from caps. For example: Add some herbs and vital green nutritional powder supplement and any vitamins needed, then mash the sardines to blend. Can add some filtered water if your dog prefers runny liquid meal or hand feed chunks of mash until all gone.

Do not feedGRAINS at all i.e cooked rice

Meaty Bones:
Must be raw at all times!
Avoid – the large marrow-type bones, as they wear teeth enamel down and chicken wings are too hard to assimilate.
Medium to large dogs(if they are good at chewing bones):
Use lamb shank bones, raw chicken necks, and chicken carcasses. If not so good at chewing bones,
(Ie gulping down and not chewing) please avoid lamb shank bones.
Smaller dogs, bull terriers and boxers:
Can feed raw meaty bones (however, omit larger bones such as lamb shanks, knuckles, etc)

Dogs who are elderly with have missing teeth or teeth issues, feed soft foods
Eg Raw or warmed up turkey mince and lamb mince, raw gluten free chicken sausages (cut up with scissors)Also feed some table scraps, however avoid onions, spicy foods, pasta, advocodos, saltanas. Avoid scraps if your pet reacts to allergy type foods.
 Once a month feed organ meat eg. raw liver, as it is highly nutritious.
Couple times a week offer a cooked egg OR if using raw egg, yolk only.
If your cat or dog eats grass, then add some crushed digestive enzymes to every meal given.
For assistance with older pets or Pancreatitis cats and dogs (which if common) or other digestive disorders. See
Most common pet allergens food to avoid
Important for seizure animals to have an allergen-free diet and a chemical drug and stress- free lifestyle. This will make a huge difference in stopping seizures all together
Beef, carrot (non organic), corn, tuna, fish, fish oils, pork (ham) cow’s milk, other dairy foods, spicy foods, yeast and wheat or any food containing these. ALL cat and dog commercial rolls/tin foods and biscuits are junk foods that contain sugars, salt, corn and wheat. Example: brewers yeast, pasta, all dog biscuits.Other less likely Allergens MAY include:.. peas, beans, rice, nuts, shellfish, rolled oats, fruits such as citrus, grapes, pineapple and tomatoes, cabbage, chard, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, spices and carrots (if not organically grown).

Suggested Nutritional Foods You can give your dog a variety of nutrients through vegetables, by combining several different types when preparing them, although most dogs are happy with one or two types only. IMPORTANT: Dogs are unable to break down cellulose in the cell wall of vegetables.
So, if feeding a dog vegetables without juicing, pulping or steaming them, your dog is probably not getting the full benefit and unable to use any of the nutrients in them.

 OkayVegetables – Asparagus, beans (string), beets, bok choy, brussel sprouts, carrots (organic ONLY), dandelion greens, fennel, kale, parsley, parsnips, pumpkin, sweet peppers, seaweed, spinach, squash, turnip, yams.

Avoid – potatoes, onions, rice, sultanas, grapes and any citrus foods and advocados

 OkayFruits – Apples, blueberries, melons, peaches, plums – avoid citrus fruits.

Nuts – 2 to 4 brazil nuts (crushed up before adding to daily meals)
Add a brazil nuts to your dog’s diet to help prevent cancer, the leading disease killer of dogs. There is much information written about the critical cancer-fighting difference between the sodium selenite used in most dry dog foods and the selenomethionine found in brazil nuts and other foods.

Weekly foods. Can give soft cooked eggs (if using raw egg, give yolk only)

Vitamin & Minerals Supplements (Buy from Health food stores)
Chlorella Food Supplement Powder (Algae type) OR Spirulina Powder or Vital Greens Powder
Essential Fatty Acids – Omega Oil mixture with Vit E,

OR make your own EFA’S (Essential Fatty Acids) blend
Helps promote shiny, glossy coat and improves joint mobility and immunityDog oil mix: Use 1¾ cups of Organic Safflower Oil and ¼ cup of Cod Liver Oil. Combine in a brown 500ml bottle with screw cap.

Add a tablespoon of FLA powder (from health food store) – (flaxseed, linseed, almond crushed) his helps keep a pet regular and very healthy. (store remainder in fridge).
Add 1 teaspoon of wheat germ oil (store remainder in fridge).

DAILY DOSAGE (by dog’s weight) of oils and powders if bought from health store.
2 to 8 kg = 1/8 teaspoon powder plus 1 teaspoon Oil Mix
8 to 14 kg = 1/4 teaspoon powder plus 2 teaspoon Oil Mix
15 to 24 kg = 1/2 teaspoon powder plus ½ tablespoon Oil Mix
25 to 36 kg = 1 teaspoon powder plus 1 tablespoon Oil Mix

NOTE: DOUBLE the recommended nutritional dose for sick or older dogs (over 7 yrs of age)
If you pet has skin allergies or seizures, check food allergy list above and avoid including these in the diet. The over-consumption of vegetables that are high in oxalates may interfere with calcium absorption, and cruciferous vegetables with thyroid function. To properly prepare vegetables and fruit for your dog to absorb the nutritients, they must be put through a food processor, mulched or very finely grated as a last resort.

Delicious DOG “BISCUIT” Recipes
(Allergy free, nutritional and healthy)
All these ingredients are available from health food stores.

Herb Biscuits
3 cups of unbleached flour
½ cup of water
¼ cup of dried parsley
2 tablespoons of garlic powder
¼ cup of barley grass powder
1 oz of dried goat milk
¼ of organic safflower oil

1. Combine the dry ingredients together and then add the water and oil
2. Knead the dough on a floured board
3. Roll out to about ¼ inch thick
4. Let stand for 30 minutes then cut into squares
5. Put into a 375F degree oven (190C)
6. Check every 3 minutes as they will burn easily
7. When brown, remove from the oven and allow to cool


1 cup plain soya flour
1 cup natural oat bran (this oat bran is wheat free)
1 cup oats
1/8 cup ground sunflower seeds (you may have to grind them yourself)
1/8 cup sesame seeds
3 tablespoons honey (unprocessed)
3 tablespoons organic safflower oil
¾ cups filtered water

1. Preheat oven to 275F degrees (140C)
2. Add 8oz (3/4 cup) water with one beef or chicken stock cube (optional) dissolved. Plain water works fine.
(Cubes available from health food shop)
3. Mix well with fork, then pat and roll dough out
4. Cut into approx ¼” (0.75mm) thick squares, large or small to suit dog size
5. Put onto greased tray and bake for one to two hours.
Watch for browning – biscuits may need to be covered with foil.
Bake until biscuits are nice and hard.

NOTE: Avoid the commercial brand biscuits (harmful chemical preservatives and artificial additives – dyes salt, sugars – with very little nutritional value at all!  Chemicals in Artificial biscuits can cause bladder infection, stones / struvite, and re-occurring cystitis.

“I made your doggie biscuit yesterday and all of my dogs went absolutely crazy for it!
Heck, I am NOT a homemaker and absolutely do not cook or bake for myself, so to go through this effort was simply amazing and it was absolutely worth it to see my babies enjoy it so much! Thank you from me but most of all from them!” Thank you, Colleen

Drinking Water and Milk
All domesticated animals should be given FILTERED WATER ONLY (same as what we drink). Tap water has too many chemicals, and these DO affect the animals as a toxin. Goat’s milk once a week (but all dairy are acidic forming so less is best) Avoid the commercial pet milks. No cheese products at all.

German Shepards, Labradors, Retrievers, Boxers, Bull Terriers, New Foundlands and working and herding dogs: Require a diet that is more acid based. If you have one of these breeds or crossed breeds, then add Amino Acid Complex tablets (crushed) to the morning meal. One indication of a need for this adjustment is a dog that has dark-brown to black discharge in his ears, cystitis or urinary bladder infections, poor pigmentation, hair, coat and skin eruptions and an alkaline reading of his urine.

Testing Urine (pH strips available from the chemist) – optional
If you want to test your dog’s urine, do this first thing in the morning. It should read between 6.2 to 6.5. If it is a number greater than 7 (too alkaline), then definitely add the amino acid complex tablets daily.We have had great success with the “Meta B” tablets (Metagenics brand), which are available from our on-line store It is a blend of many supplements, including the whole range of B complex and amino acids all in one.

Dalmatians, West Highland white terriers and some Belington Terriers represent a special challenge.
Since these breed dogs are unable to deal with the NITROGEN WASTE associated with high amounts of animal protein in their diets, they are unable to eliminate some metals from their systems. These are present in tin food, tap water and drugs. These breeds do not tolerate beef products, which have a high nitrogen waste. You need to rotate animal proteins that have a low nitrogen waste such as chicken, fish, yoghurt, cottage cheese, and egg (yolks only).

Note: Canines often are misdiagnosed as just old age symptoms or just having a liver disease, when in fact they have Cushing’s syndrome or disease. Please go to our Canine Cushings ailments pages and read the symptoms to see if your dog has these symptoms. Symptoms are common in mild age to older pets. And can be helped using natural medicines.