Euthanasia and the Right Time!

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Animals and the right time for Euthanasia?

The following article is excerpted in its entirety from the book, “The Animals’ Viewpoint on Dying, Death and Euthanasia”, written by Dr. Elizabeth F. Severino.

Dr. Severino is a highly experienced animal communicator with almost 20 years’ experience and who handles all animals and all issues with love and compassion. Her books are available either through her web-site or through

“Destroying an animal, putting an animal down, or euthanizing it, has very different implications, during and after the death of the physical body, depending on the stage of death that the animal is in and the energy of intention around the death.

In the 1st stage of dying/illness, in which, although the animals call it the “1st stage of dying”, an animal is still capable of recovering, the animal actually knows its physical body is capable of healing, and often can heal itself, but still requires some cooperation from its immediate environment. This cooperation would include proper food, rest, cleanliness of wounds or abrasions, and perhaps some veterinary intervention. An animal euthanized in the 1st stage will be confused for anywhere from 6 to 12 months, human time.

In the 2nd stage of dying/illness, an animal’s physical body may or may not recover. An animal in this stage knows it requires intervention of some sort in order for its physical body to heal. It is no longer able to heal itself completely by itself. An animal euthanized in the 2nd stage will be confused for anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months, human time.

In the 3rd stage of dying, an animal knows its physical body can no longer be healed without a Divine intervention. It begins the separation of soul/spirit from form. The spirit/soul of an animal euthanized in the 3rd stage can be sufficiently clear to be contacted within 24 hours, and is usually completely clear in 4 to 6 weeks, human time. They say it is true of human consciousness.

Animals euthanized in the 3rd stage react very, very similarly to animals that have died naturally. It is almost the same for them as dying naturally, and they are fine with it. Some are quite clear that their primary experience, from entry into the 3rd stage on, will be pain and progressive failure of the body.

Human words cannot do justice to the extraordinary range, the difference, the distinctions, the continuum from the exquisite peace and clarity of an animal euthanized in the 3rd stage, to the painful, explosive confusion of an animal leaving form even before the 1st stage. Nor can human words appropriately stress how extraordinary it is and how important it is to know that the 3rd stage is so similar in its spiritual impact, to natural death.

A suffering companion animal’s entry into the 3rd stage is marked by a very sudden change in behaviour, a change dramatic enough and different enough so that its humans notice. Please note we are talking about suffering, diseased, or old and infirm animals. An animal that has never bitten will bite.

An animal which has never “sounded” excessively (barked, screeched) will sound excessively. An animal, which has always been familiar, will become distant/withdrawal and hid perhaps, (Exception: an elderly cat, doing what I call vocalizing, is doing something very different . . . it is NOT an indicator of 3rd stage). But is asking for help. (If this is your cat, seek a blood or urine test for kidney issues or chronic cystitis, once diagnose, treat your cat with homeopathic remedies that are safe and gentle.)

An animal either entering into or already in the 3rd stage, will suddenly start to react as if it were (in human terms) delusional, relating to and or responding to, figures that to human eyes “aren’t there.” What’s happening at this point, is that the animal’s consciousness is starting to separate from form, and it is actually starting to more clearly see energies, sometimes incorporeal human or animal, and often angelic, which most human eyes can’t readily see.

If you’re a caretaker for a suffering animal, and you have provided natural medicines and care for awhile and know you feel your animal is in the 3rd stage, ask her/him a question …(But first breathe deeply and centre yourself as best you can)

Clear your mind as best you can; remember foremost your love for your animal and the highest good; turn your energy intently to your animal, and ask, “Are you ready to leave form now?”
Breathe deeply again. Your animal will answer in that breath.

If you’re not sure of the answer, repeat the procedure, and this time, ask, “Will you please give me a sign, a behaviour change, if and when you become ready, if and when you enter the 3rd stage?”

The animals will always respond, “Yes,” to this question.

Then you wait and watch. And if you’re still not sure, repeat the procedure, and add, “Will you please make it very obvious if you’re in or when you’ve entered the 3rd stage?”

When the pet is ready, arrange a Vet to come to your home to assist. You can also help assist its’ spirit’s separation form, by giving your pet an honoring ritual by burning a white candle for 24hrs.

The clearer an animal gets, the sooner it can move its essence energy on to its reincarnation.

In many cases over the past few years, I’ve found animals that were so clear after separating from form, they could and did tell their humans whether or not there was a chance that they would be together again in this lifetime; and if so, have told the humans the approximate geographical location, the approximate timing, and the form, into which they would reincarnate.

Several are indeed now together again. So, if this relates to your life, to the animals in your care, please know that the animals are OK with being euthanized.

Please also know that they will love you whatever you do and whatever you decide. It’s easier on them ultimately, however, if euthanizing is done in the correct time. Look for the signs of being in the 3rd stage.
It matters.

To all of us.

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