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We provide alternative natural formulas and medicines that are effective for safe and gentle healing.
What if my pet is taking drugs already?

If your pet is on Prednisone to suppress skin inflammation problems, or seizure or heart drugs etc. you can still start giving them the natural healing skin and drug detox remedies now. For optimum healing we suggest weaning off the suppressive drug (before or while) giving natural healing remedies.

In other instances when taking drugs i.e. for heart or seizure treatment, natural medicines can be given at the same time, which is highly recommended for healing rather than maintaining a condition with synthetic drugs. Vet check ups and monitoring progress of healing is important, as well as gradually reducing/stopping drugs.

I have purchased your products before and they work wonderfully!
I am very impressed with your products. I want to give you more business.
I am purchasing another puppy soon, and would like to order the natural Canine Kit.
Thank you!.”
Shawanda M. Williams.
I am so grateful to have come across your site. I have used a couple of your homeopathic formulas on my pooch with great success! Curious as to when you’ll once again be available for consultations. Tico is due for vaccinations and I want to support his system as best I can. He also has a lot of issues – emotional and physiological. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you kindly.”
Laura James and Tico
“Thank you for your amazing service!
I am going to hear Australian Dr Billinghurst speak today on BARF Diets!”
Patricia Bellittiere USA
“Hello Diana,
Just wanted to let you know how things were going with my Cattle Dog. The remedy you sent me for “fear” caused by the attack while running agility seems to be making a difference. He was at a trial last weekend and was MUCH better. His attitude and overall composure was good.”
Carol Orzechowski

What is Homeopathy?

The word Homeopathy (or Homoeopathy) is derived from the Greek words homoios, meaning like or similar, and pathos, meaning suffering or disease.

Homeopathy is a system of medical therapeutics for treating people and animals on the basis of the principle of “similae” or “simile.”

The great homeopathic principle is (in Latin) “Similia similibus curentur,” meaning: “Let like be treated by like.”

Unlike drugs, homeopathic remedies don’t directly attack the disease or condition.
Instead, these substances trigger the body’s own self regulation and self healing functions. They stimulate the body to cure itself.

The manufacture and sale of homeopathic remedies are regulated by the FDA. The marketing of homeopathic drugs is regulated by the FDA compliance policy guide of 1988. Homeopathy is an effective, scientific and well documented method of healing.

Indeed, homeopathy finds its first roots recorded in the writings of Hippocrates (c.470-400 bc), the “Father of Medicine,” wherein he espoused that healing is found in the methods of “contraries” and “similars.”

Hippocrates wrote that: “Disease is eliminated through remedies able to produce similar symptoms.”

These ideas were later rediscovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), a medical physician, who, through a process of experimental and scientific discovery, largely developed what homeopathic medicine is today.

Indeed, Hahnemann demonstrated that homeopathic principles of simile and potency could cure typhoid and cholera exceptionally better than the conventional medicine of his day (Cholera and typhoid were the epidemic in Europe because of 3 major wars, namely, the Seven Years’ War, the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars).

Hahnemann himself healed 180 cases of typhus with only one fatality. And one of his pupils lost only six cholera patients among 154 treated, whereas in the same town, of the 1500 patients treated by orthodox methods, 55% (825 people) died.

Later, in 1854 in Britain, a cholera epidemic was stopped in homeopathic hospitals with only a 16.4% death rate compared to that of a 51.8% death rate at other hospitals practicing conventional medicine.

Homeopathic medicine and the principle of simile was protected by law by the British Parliament, and later protected by the United States Congress as a practical and legitimate method of medical practice.

Today, unlike nutritional substances, homeopathic substances are considered medicines, recognized as powerful entities which allow specific medical claims to be made about them.
The Similae Principle – The Basis of Homeopathy:

The principle of “Similae” or simile is the principle that certain substances (herbs, minerals, inorganic salts and other organic materials, etc.) in full strength yield the same symptoms as does a known disease, and that those same substances when “potentised” (or diluted and vigorously agitated or “succussed”) can provide relief of those same symptoms. Titrated dilutions and succussions of a particular substance can often bring relief from diseases which cause the same symptomology as that which the identical substance in full strength causes (be it herb, mineral or other organic material).

To give an example of the simile principle, the effects of peeling an onion are very similar to the symptoms of acute coryza (flu-type cold). And the homeopathic remedy prepared from Allium Cepoa (the Red Onion) is used to treat this very type of cold. In yet another example, the symptoms and signs of acute arsenic poisoning are very similar to the symptoms seen in certain cases of gastroenteritis. And true to the principle of simile, homeopathic potencies of Arcenicum (arsenic) are used to effectively treat gastroenteritis.

Thus, we may well have been using principles of homeopathy in conventional medicine without even being aware of it. Each time we are treated with something in a diluted potency, which in its full strength or stronger potency is known to cause similar symptoms, we are using the principle of “similars,” or simile. More accurately, whenever an identical substance is used in a weaker potency to treat the symptoms that a stronger potency has caused, it is referred to as isopathy in conventional medicine.

True to this definition, a mild potency of penicillin is used to clear up an allergic rash caused by full strength penicillin. Vaccinations can be said to follow the simile principle in isopathy as well. A diluted and weakened strain of a microbe can affect the body’s immune system and strengthen it in order to create a defense against disease.

Likewise, small dosages of X-Rays and radium can help treat cancer, but stronger dosages can cause cancer as well. Furthermore, some of the treatments of immunological and allergic reactions are dependent on the use of diluted tissue products, or “sera,” derived from infected or sensitized individuals to produce a response in the patient to that very infection or sensitizing agent.

Whenever we treat a sick person or animal by using a method or a drug which can cause similar symptoms in other persons, we apply the homeopathic principle, whether we know it or not. Again, it seems that the principle of “simile,” or “Let like be treated by like,” is used more often than realized.

The notions that the body may be aided in its endeavors to cure the disorder and disharmony responsible for disease by application of the principles of simile may have seemed ridiculous to the men of Hahnemann’s generation, but in the face of increasing knowledge in the areas of molecular medicine, biology, immunology and subatomic physics, it is certainly not considered absurd today.

Modern Understanding of How Homeopathy Really Works:

Contrary to popular opinion, homeopathic potencies are not simply highly diluted solutions, but ones made by rigid scientific procedures of serial (consecutive) dilution and succussion (vigorous agitation).

Indeed, the dilutions are so extreme that it’s likely that not even one molecule of the original substrate is part of the homeopathic “potency.” Therefore, logic dictates that homeopathic medicines work not by reason of the amounts of original material present (i.e. the herb or salt), but by something much more refined and powerful. Because many homeopathic potencies are so highly diluted and succussed (to a point where they exceed Avogadro’s number of molecular concentration, i.e.. 6.023 x 1023), the physical states of the resulting solutions or “potentised medicines,” as they are called, may be physically altered to a point where their normal subatomic structure and the telltale electromagnetic signature of that structure has actually been changed.

Thus, homeopathy is not simply a diluted tincture of herbs or minerals, nor is it a branch of herbalism as is generally thought. And even though it’s true that homeopathy uses such things as herbs and minerals, homeopathy is in fact very different. Although homeopathic remedies have a pronounced pharmacological effect at the lower potencies (low dilutions), and appear to result in the stimulation of the auto-immune system as well as other regenerative mechanisms, ironically at the middle to higher potencies, not only are these functions stimulated but something far stronger is present, appearing capable of influencing the strength of electromagnetic energy fields surrounding and permeating every living cell. Indeed, homeopathy is believed to work at a level far below that of molecular biology, biochemistry and nutrition, within that of the electromagnetic fields, the subatomic structures, and of the living cells of the body itself.

Researchers in biophysics now know that changes in subatomic structures result in measurable fluctuations within the electromagnetic matrix of any entity or material. These energy fields or matrices are measurable and discernible, being biophysical in nature. This energy matrix is what is commonly called the “vital force” of a person: this “vital force” is that which is responsible for giving “life” instructions and directions to every cell and tissue in the body. Scientists have also demonstrated that by stimulating these fields, the body may be prompted to heal itself more quickly and readily than if no stimulation had occurred. As the energy field or matrix changes, so does the health of any cell or tissue. Dampen the energy field, and disease ensues. Increase and brighten the field, and life and regeneration takes place. The status of the electromagnetic field surrounding any cell or tissue at any time will then provide some measure as to its well being, and perhaps a portending of things to come with regards to future health.

In homeopathy, this means that such changes within the electromagnetic flux of a potentised remedy or medicine are then capable of producing an electromagnetic transmission of its new frequency, imprinting a new signature upon the bodily fluids with which it comes into contact with; and thereby changing the electromagnetic instructions to cells and tissues. (Remember, the body consists of over 90% water and such electromagnetic instructional messages are therefore easily transmitted through such a medium.) Thus, it is thought that unique homeopathic potencies/medicines (especially those of the medium to higher potencies) possessing peculiar resonant frequencies or electromagnetic signatures interact with specific frequencies produced by various body cells and tissues, impressing them, and so affect them by “retuning” them to a higher state of electromagnetic balance. Moreover, such precise “instruction” is not possible by any other method of known conventional medical intervention.
All Homeopathics are Safe:

There has never been an instance or a case of overdosing in homeopathics in the 180 years since its inception. Indeed, despite the pharmacological effects, because of the high dilutions, overdosing is really quite impossible. Parenthetically, and somewhat paradoxically, homeopathics are considered OTC Medicines (Over-the-Counter Homeopathic Medicines) by the FDA. Again, homeopathics are protected by reason of law initiated and enacted by the U.S. Congress, and hence “grandfathered” as a legitimate medical form of intervention, long before the FDA was even a governmental agency.

Homeopathics range from potency dilutions of Low: 2 C, 6C (C=Centesimal scale/1:100), to Middle: 9C -30C and High: 1M to 10M and much higher CM and MM.

Each homeopathic “potency chords,” or a number of different potencies of different organic and inorganic Homeopathic Intervention as well as Biochemics deal specifically with the potencies of inorganic mineral salts that pervade each and every living cell of the body.

The object of Homeopathic Biochemics (tissue salts) is to enhance the absorption, metabolism and utilization of the cellular, organic and inorganic materials (nutritional) supplied by and to the body.

Homeopathics and Biochemics produce a credible and efficacious strategy which yield safe, long lasting results. Nutraceuticals stock the shelves of our body’s supermarket, while Homeopathics act as the store manager, making executive decisions in order to utilize the nutrients stocked on those shelves.